Using GUI portal for registering hostnames and assign IP address

Vault scheme
  • Click on Log in to go to login screen and choose eduTEAMS:

Vault scheme
  • After logging in via your eduTEAMS account, go to Overview tab:

Vault scheme
  • Now you can manage your existing hostnames (if any) or register new ones. Click on Add Host to register a new hostname:

Vault scheme
  • Enter a hostname, choose a domain for your hostname then click on Create :

Vault scheme Vault scheme
  • Go back to the Overview tab, your newly registered hostname is now listed. Click on the hostname to perform any action: update IP address, show configuration or delete it:

Vault scheme

Using command line to update IP address

For automation, it is useful to update IP address via command-line or API, e.g. for assigning IPs in installation scripts. Simply send a request to the URL, e.g. using curl command will update the IP address of the hostname to the actual host (where the command is executed):

$ curl


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